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Daniel’s Fashion Agency is independent. This means that the products we offer will be potential best sellers.

Our experience of fashion has taught us that brands owe their success to their ability to stay ahead by producing new and innovative fashions, that appeal to customers.

Established brands are successful because they are recognised to be of a known quality and style, and sold at competitive prices, to ensure it continues to enjoy its share of the market. This gains the brand a good reputation, where retailers can rely on repeat business and continued profits.

New fashions are always changing and the brand leaders maintain their market share by continually improving and developing new trend setting designs.

Daniel’s Fashion Agency visits International Exhibitions and Shows in order to stay ahead of the game. We research the fashions and designs on show with a view to finding manufacturers producing new and exciting fashions, and take care to ensure that the selected brand meets our exacting standards before we consider acting as an agent for the manufacturer.

Everybody Profits


In the competitive world of ladies fashion, buyers are always looking for new products that will attract customers, attention and interest, and make sales.

Daniel’ Fashion Agency has selected manufacturers of innovative high quality products that have strong customer appeal,together with competitive prices.

Retailers are our customers, and it is strongly in our interests to help our customers to sell our products. In addition to any advertising support provided by the manufactures, Daniel’s Fashion Agency will organise and promote fashion shows local to our suppliers, at regular intervals.

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